No Muppets Were Harmed in the Making of this Scarf!

I wore my new eyelash scarf to work this morning and one of my colleagues asked me if I’d killed a muppet to make it!

Eyelash Scarf


During lunch I knit on my sock and the rest of my team were amazed at the self striping yarn. “You mean it’s dyed in different colours?” “What about if you were knitting a larger sock? What would happen to the stripes then?”. Ah, journalists, so innocent! 🙂

I’m now on the leg, so hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of the week.

Regia Sock

We went to IKEA this evening to pick up the plastic tubs I was after. They had the tubs in stock but not the lids. But I did pick up a very interesting bag like basket.

Some of my yarn stash

The bag is filled with about a third of my purple yarn stash. On the left of the basket are my two tubs of blue yarn stash. On top of it is another tub filled with fabric bits left over from my sewing. I keep thinking that I’ll use them for patchwork or something.

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