Fair Isle

Ever since reading Wendy’s blog I’ve wanted to try fair isle. She seems to knit them in her sleep, her work is so amazing. I’ve still been intimidated by steeks and other aspects of the technique, so I’ve signed up to ThreadyBear. It’s a fair isle sweater for a teddy bear or other soft toy and looks like a great introduction to the technique.

You can read more about it on Matt’s website. It’s his brain child and he’s also created an email list over at Yahoo for participants. Matt’s colour skills are awesome, he’s developed 64 colourways for the sweater, 32 of which are currently shown on the email list.

I’m a bit scared of the project, hell, I haven’t even picked which stuffed toy is going to wear the sweater, but it’s such an amazing technique. Plus I have a couple of fair isle kits in my stash which are just going to waste at the moment. And the sweaters than Wendy knits are so fabulous, I want to be able to knit them too!

In non-knitting news I still have my cough and my voice is a lot lower than usual. Hopefully it’ll get better over the weekend.

One Reply to “Fair Isle”

  1. Glad you’re going to do the Threadybear project — I’m going to be test-knitting one of the patterns!
    Hope you’re feeling better!