Not So Good

I went back into work today and the first thing that I did was say hello to my friend Liz. As I rasped out “Hello” I realised that my voice was still too horse, in fact it’s shot to hell. Of course Liz told me that I shouldn’t have come in and how was going to talk to people on the phone? She was completely correct and I just about lasted until 1pm.

I’m off tomorrow but my voice may not improve for a while. So much of my job involves speaking to people over the phone and today was really difficult. I found myself whispering to colleagues as my voice came and went. During the daytime my cough isn’t too bad but it’s really dreadful at night. I had hardly any sleep at all last night. Several times this morning I found myself at a loss as to what I was supposed to be doing. What was I working on? Who was I supposed to be booking as a guest? I was so tired that I’d forgotten.

Came home and watched Desperately Seeking Susan on DVD twice. Once without commentary, the second with. I was mostly knitting on Andy’s glove and listening to the commentary. I’m almost ready to put the thumb gusset stitches on a holder. Will finish it tomorrow.

I’m thinking of doing something in feather and fan. Wendy is making a really nice hand dyed cashmere scarf in that pattern while there’s a lovely Silk Garden cowl and hat over at Another Knitting Blog. I have some hand dyed cashmere but I also love Noro Silk Garden. Plus I have a zillion other things to finish including the Art Fibers Sherlock cardi.

Sherlock has been languishing for a while which is a shame because it’s a beautiful yarn and colour. I had converted a knit flat pattern so that I could knit the cardi all in piece. However I’ve been concerned about whether the cardigan will fit correctly once I’ve cast off for the armhole decreases. I’ve decided to just see what happens since I only have about an inch to knit until the decreases.

One Reply to “Not So Good”

  1. ugh. that is SO miserable. i’m glad you are having a break. when it happened to me, i had to take a week off work.