My cough is a lot better. I’m grateful for this because the cough had really worn me down. Now I can get on with things again, like knitting a second fingerless glove for Andy. It’s from some Lamb’s Pride in Turkish Olive from some yarn that the lovely Theresa and Bonne Marie sent me as part of a yarn swap.

I’m using a pattern from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns to make these and am knitting them on 4mm circular needles for a nice dense fabric. Andy had misplaced his usual gloves when the box of yarn arrived. So it came right in time to make him a new pair! I’m still working on the LP Clematis Bucket O’Chic but the gloves take preference at the moment.

I think there is a fundamental human need to make things or have some kind of creative outlet. This has been lost for a lot of people in our modern consumer society. People are used to just buying everything. You might think “Why should I knit and spin? I can buy a sweater at the store for 30 bucks.” Well, maybe, although it wouldn’t be nearly as nice as what you could make for yourself. But there’s something else. It isn’t so much that the sweater needs to be made as you need to make it. Or you need to make baskets or sculpt or dance or write or do something else creative. This is a fundamental human need. If people don’t create, they go insane.

That was written by Riin Gill. She has new website here. I discovered her via Lynn H’s blog. What she says about creativity is, for me at least, very true. I do feel a real need to create.

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