I won the lottery…

No, really,  I did. Sadly it wasn’t the big prize of £4.4 million but I did get an email today saying that I’d won £10. So, what was I going to do with the princely sum of ten pounds? Treat myself to something that was lovely but which I didn’t actually need.

In short, this vintage style mug that I’d admired in a store on Saturday evening.

It has gold detailing on it and a blossom design that also goes inside the mug. It’s made by Pip Studio and they also make matching bowls, dinner plates and tea cups. So sweet!

I don’t tend to go that mad for birds although my favourite mug is a Mexican, earthenware one with a bluebird on it and  I also have a matching jug. This one I’ve christened the Twitter mug for no better reason than it reminds of the logo.

I’m now off to drink the tea that was brewing in the mug while I photographed it 🙂

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