Lost Friends

As part of reorganising my house I’ve been going through bags and boxes of paperwork and I’ve found old emails from people I used to know. Now, I’m not always that good at keeping in touch with people but there are some friends with whom I’d love to reconnect with.  So, I figured that if I blogged about them then they might get to hear about it.


I do accept that some of these people probably don’t want to be found and if that’s the case then I have to accept that.


Jennifer McMahon or Jennifer E McMahon – Jennifer and I were both members of The Avengers @ Suburbia email list back in 1999. We really hit it off since in addition to both liking The Avengers we were huge comic book and sci-fi fans too. She was living in Phoenix, Arizona when we first corresponded but was originally from San Diego, California. She was married to Marty  McMahon and I met them both in San Francisco after they’d moved back to the Bay Area to live in either Oakland or Berkeley I can’t remember which. At one point Jennifer was working as a press officer for Amtrak. I can’t remember why we fell out of touch, it was probably due to me being crap.  But Jen if you’re still out there and want to get in touch again I’d love to hear from you.

Kari Belvin or Kari Belvin Couvillon – aka the Belvinator. Kari worked for the Louisiana State Senate and was also a member of The Avengers @ Suburbia email list in 1999. Again we hit it off because we were both sci-fi fans and she wrote amazing X files episode reviews which I used to host on one of my sites. Kari got married and changed her name and she did send me her new email address but I lost it in a computer crash some years ago. Again, I’d love to make contact with you sometime, Kari.


I will add to this list in the future.


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