Baby trousers

I went to London a couple of weeks ago and caught up with my friends Andrew and Shalene and met their six-month-old baby, Alex. I’d wanted to make something for Alex rather than just buy  something. Buying things is too easy and not always personal enough for a crafter. I ummed and ahhed over what to do. Booties perhaps since I had a cute pattern for them that I’ve not yet knit or perhaps a toy. Eventually the ideal idea hit me. I’d make him a little pair of trousers and sure enough I found a free pattern from Amber at Make Baby It’s even available in a pdf in several sizes. Aren’t people on the net generous?

So I had my project but then I needed the perfect pattern. Andrew and Shalene are both geeks, like me, and they hope little Alex will grow into a geek too. Luckily from years of hoarding fabric I had the perfect cotton print featuring cute little green men, planets and spaceships. I’ve had this fabric for 11 years, don’t ask me where I got it from because I can’t remember, and it was fab to finally use it.



Laying out the pattern


Two leg pieces


Finished and waiting for the elastic to be threaded into the waist band

And here’s the finished project on Alex while his mum holds him.

I was so pleased that they all liked the trews and I plan on making him a few more. 🙂 See, so much better than just buying something.


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  1. Ahh! They’re so cute! Well done on finding a good use for such a funky fabric! There’s lots of free baby/small children patterns on Prudent Baby at the moment too.

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