Craft room reorganising continued…

Day 4 and the room still looks a mess although slowly, pockets of space are appearing. At the beginning it was almost impossible to get into the room so it's progress albeit slow progress. I've been removing everything that doesn't belong in the room which includes a few hundred books. They're currently in stacks on the landing outside. I need to get some shelves up so that they go in other areas of the house. I also need to get rid of some of them too. I have been taking photos but I don't want to put any up until the room is done.

My self imposed deadline for the room is tomorrow and I'm not entirely sure whether I'll make it or not. I'm going to work through as much of today as I can, so we'll see! But I am cursing myself for being such a book lover!

The rest of the house is chaotic too since I've had to find places to temporarily put things while I sort out the craft room. It will be worth it in the end but it's not easy. Ah well, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Oh, and on a plus point I'm now off until next Wednesday 🙂 Yes, it does give me more time to finish the room should I need it – but the main aim is to have time so that I can actually make something in the finished space. At the moment I'm thinking of sewing a top or possible a dress. Have found my gorgeous Liberty prints and want to make something fantastic and wearable. All suggestions gratefully received – comments are now enabled again since the spammers seem to have tired and gone elsewhere 🙂

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