Organising Craft Room & Catching up with Knitting

I'm a little behind with blogging. I'm still knitting the Mini sweater and over the weekend progressed to the point where I can knit the body on its own and have done about five rows on that. The sleeves are waiting and are on scarp yarn. They're supposed to be knit flat and then seamed as I recall, but I may just knit them in the round instead. I have to look for a coordinating colour to go with it too as I'm now on my second skein of yarn.

Doug and I are going to the I Knit event on Saturday. I'm just waiting for the tickets to arrive in the post. I'm planning on doing some interviews there for KnitCast which means that I'll have to grapple with RSS again. But I may try a new approach.

I'm off work this week and the main plan is to sort out and actually organise the craft room. It's been the main dumping ground in my house so while being full of various craft stuff, there are also things in there which shouldn't be there. My biggest problem is that I don't really have room for the things that aren't supposed to be in there. For example there's a box filled with mugs that hasn't been unpacked in the nearly three years since I moved from Andy's. This means some serious decluttering and possibly some ebaying and freecycling. Some of it will just have to be recycled or go out with the rubbish. I would like to be actually able to walk into the room unencumbered. I also want to have my yarn unpacked and organised, all my knitting mags organised, fabric etc. At the moment it's very difficult to get in the room at all. I'm thinking of taking some photos of the transformation.


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