Making Monday – Buttons!

So, my Cosmic Pluto easy Topdown Raglan Cardi is blocked. All it needs now is a snap fastening to close it and a decorative button.

Lots of buttons


I rarely use more than one button on a cardi plus I admit, I am a bit lazy 😉 But buttons create another dilemma because I just can’t decide which to use.

Gorgeous Mother of Pearl Moon from Liberty


Another decorated mother of pearl button


Carved soap stone hand


Wooden leaf


Carved wooden face


Big Ladybird


Bronzy faux metal


Crane button - I have two more of these


Carved Wooden Paisley


Faux tortoiseshell Spiral


Some of the buttons next to each other for comparison


At the moment I think I’m down to deciding between the Paisley and the spiral buttons. I bought them both from a stall at the Knitting and Stitch and Stitching Show in 2008. The others are from various places acquired over the years. It’s all too easy to get a “little” button collection going 😉


Thanks for all the competition entries so far, guys. Remember it’s open until March 18th so there’s still plenty of time to enter.



2 Replies to “Making Monday – Buttons!”

  1. I love the little hand button! It just sends me around the bend. Bad thing when “stuff” can do that to a person! Marie, I’ve come late to the world of knitting podcasts, and I’m delighted to have found your site. Thank you soooo much for all the effort and time you have put into sharing your work with the world. I’m excited to have so many hours of listening ahead of me.

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