Making Monday – Productivity

After I finished the TDRC last week I thought I’d have lots of time to work on She’s Electric but I’ve been so busy that I’ve only just finished the second ball. I am, however, just a few rows away from the really interesting part of this cardi – the part where I add the contrast colour and pick up a cable needle 🙂

Almost at the Waistband

And here’s my contrast colour – Lorna’s Laces Bullfrogs and  Butterflies in the Get Knitted colourway. Update – Actually this shade is Bitter Sweet. It’s just a little similar to the Get Knitted colourway. I knit a cap in it in 2005.

Contrast Yarn for She's Electric

I don’t know if Get Knitted still carry their own shade but I have it in Shepherd’s Sock, Shepherd’s Worsted and in lace weight mohair. I suppose you could say that I liked it…;)

I’m on leave all of this week but I’m mostly doing spring cleaning so am not sure how much crafting will be done. But I’m spring cleaning because I’m more productive when things are tidy and organised. I’m neither naturally tidy or organised so I have to give myself a push every so often! It’s worth it though 🙂

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