Gardening Season…

We’ve had some great weather this past weekend so we’ve been busy in the garden. Nothing there to really photograph just yet as much of what’s been done is clearing, mowing and weeding and it’s not all sorted. I can raise nettles and brambles without trying 😉 I’ll be planting veg and flower seeds in peat pots (not really made of peat) later in the week. I also have two extra raised beds courtesy of my neighbours, they’ve given up on growing food, so I’ll have some extra growing space. Hopefully I’ll get a glut of something that I’ll be able to share with them. I’ll be growing red onions, peas, beans and tomatoes in addition to the corn, squash and leeks. If I get time I’ll get some potatoes going too. But I may have left it a bit late for that.


But this is where I am with the colourwork on She’s Electric.


I’m about nine rows in and I’m not really sure about the look of it, not sure if I’ve made some mistakes. I’ll need to do a few more rows before I’m sure.



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