Making Monday – Knitting a Phone Case

A short post because I got a new phone today and after charging it, which took a few hours, I spent the rest of the time playing with it 🙂

It’s the HTC One X and sadly, it didn’t come with a case. To stop it getting scratched  I started knitting a phone sock for it tonight. I’m knitting it on 5mm needles so it shouldn’t take long to finish. The case is more form fitting than it appears in the photo.


Knitted One X case in self striping yarn


I may post the pattern here in case anyone wants to knit their own case for the One X. It’s knit in the round on two circular needles and I’m using an odd ball of Wendy Fusion that I had lying around.

Oh, I’m also finding the free cloud storage service Drop Box really useful. I now have all of my  knitting pattern pdfs and music etc. synced with the new phone and my mac and tablets. Drop Box provides 2gig of cloud storage fee of charge and if you click on the link here you’ll get an extra 500meg to add to that 🙂



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