Birdies for the New Year…

I was lucky enough to have some yarn amongst my Xmas presents this year


Two skeins of sock yarn from my lovely friend Helen.

She also gave me some beautiful stitch markers


I’ve deployed one already


The picture isn’t as clear as I’d like, taken with a daylight bulb as it’s so dark these days, but this is last week’s project still in progress. It’s an Owl Hat by Ruthie Nussbaum, this time for me. I made three of these this year all in different yarn for friends. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to give the owls button eyes.

After Xmas of course comes the sales. Normally I hate going to town for the sales as it’s so busy. But I waited and was rewarded by being able to find these Glitter Birds in Paperchase for half price. So pleased that I didn’t give in and buy some before Xmas.


Of course I particularly like the turquoise one…


I also picked up two of these lovely cups and saucers today. They’re slightly more vivid in real life.


I hope that you all have a fantastic 2013!

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