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A couple of shots of Jeni‘s lovely handspun!




It was such a wonderful surprise to get this! It’s a thick and thin loopy mix of hand painted wool and silk with a gold silken binder thread running through it.  Jeni thinks it should be enough to make a hat but I’m not sure what pattern to use. I want to make something that I’ll wear and I don’t want to make any mistakes with this beatiful yarn. Any suggestions?

I’ve also finally cast for Klaralund. I’m knitting it in Silk Garden 124 which is a mix of reds and have only knit three rows so no pix as yet.  I hope Jeni posts a photo of her Klaralund which is knit from shade 87. It’s gorgeous and certainly encouraged me to get my act together and cast on!

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  1. Mariko says:

    Beautiful yarn! Jeni is very talented.
    Oh, I just broke into those teacakes, and they are DELICIOUS.